Sri Muruga

Sri Muruga is considered very handsome, brave, just. Even though he was seen as a playful youngster, he was also extremely knowledgeable – enough to test Lord Brahma himself. When reprimanded by Lord Siva, he justified his action by telling Siva the meaning of the OM (pranava mantram). He is therefore known as Swaminathan, one who preached even to Siva.

Those who display love to one and all, devoid of hatred, jealousy, passion, anger and avarice and are steadfast in devotion to Muruga, invariably get mental tranquility and everlasting bliss. They do not even fear death. The pious saints who lived amidst us and who got Muruga’s infinite grace had in fact been in direct communion with Muruga and their experiences with the ever-merciful Lord have found expression in their devotional outpourings. They have attained immortality and serve as a medium for the worldly-minded who are after ephemeral pleasures to become seekers of perpetual spiritual bliss.


Gyaanashaktidhara skanda
valliikalyaaNa sundara
devasenaa manaH kaanta
kaartikeya namo.astute
OM subrahmanyaaya namah

சண்முகக் கடவுள் போற்றி 
சரவணத் துதித்தோய் போற்றி 
கண்மணி முருகா போற்றி 
கார்த்திகை பாலா போற்றி 
தன்மலர்க் கடம்பமாலை 
தாங்கிய தோளா போற்றி 
விண்மதி வதன வள்ளி 
வேலவா போற்றி போற்றி.