Asta Bhuja Sri Durga

Durgā in our temple has eight hands and hence called ‘Ashta Bhuja Durgā’. Of the four hands on the right hand side of Durgā, the top-most hand holds Chakrā, similar to Vishnu Durgā, followed by Bow on the next lower hand, then Kadgam (knife) and Varadha Hastham. The left top-most hand carries Sanghu (Conch), followed by Dhanur (Arrow), Ketakam (Shield) and Abhaya Hastham. This swarupā of Durgā does not have ‘Mahisham’ (buffalo) as vaahana, as she is a ‘Saumya’ or ‘Shanta Swaroopini’. She is called Durgā as she is the destroyer of sorrow.

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