Annabishekam Festival (Sunday, November 13th 2016)

Om Namashivaya!!!

We are pleased to inform you that the temple is celebrating an Annabhisekam Festival for Lord Shiva on the auspicious full moon day of Tamil month Aippasi 28th (Sunday, November 13th 2016).

We have planned to perform a special pooja on Sunday morning and evening at our temple. Lord Shiva is the preserver of annam (Annanam Pathaye Namaha:). He is considered as annam and he is also  the consumer of annam (Ahamannam….Ahamannatho). This is celebrated as thanks giving to lord Shiva for providing us Annam or Rice. Shiva lingam will be covered with cooked rice and decorated with vegetables and fruits. Devotees believe that performing the Annabhishekam to the Lord Shiva on this day would get rid of all their problems.

We invite all devotees to participate on this holy occasion with family and friends and have the blessings of Lord Shiva!!!

Program Schedule
Morning Pooja details
10:00 am – Sankalpam, Sri Kailasanathar Swami Rudrabishekam
11:00 am – Mahadeeparadhanai, Prasadam distribution

Evening Pooja details:
6:00 pm – Annabisheka special Pooja, Upchara Pooja, Deeparadhanai
7:00 pm – Sankalpam, Sathyanarayana Pooja
8:15 pm – Special Upchara Pooja, Deeparadhanai
8:30 pm – Prasadam distribution

Those who are willing to sponsor for Pooja and Abishekam are requested to contact our temple directly at the earliest.