Religion Out of Public Schools!!!

Dear All,

70000 Muslims voted in favour of allowing Namaz Islamic prayers in public schools, which is to introduce Islam and Shariya in young immature brains of Non-Muslim kids to make it easy to convert them in Islam. 70000 votes are needed to stop this bill and save future of our children and culture. Please vote and support the cause.

Let all our children celebrate their life and dreams by keeping – Religion Out of Public Schools – Come together and create awareness.

The impact of religious congregations on school premises can be:
Segregation along the lines of religion and gender
Bullying and racial discrimination
Adverse impact on education
Additional administrative to taxpayers
Children need a curriculum enriched school life to face the competitive, without any influence of religious activities.

If you would like to support this cause, please do the following:
Please click on the following link & Vote: